Physical Bitcoins

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We scour the internet, forums and makers groups to bring you highly desirable and rare coins and some of the more colourful and thoughtful Art by a variety of artists from around the world. As specialist dealers we’ve been expanding our stock of artworks as more people engage with bitcoin, get hooked and want something on their walls to bring that passion to life!

ResearchMore than 60 different coins from over 32 different Makers and Mints from all over the World, we have the largest range of Bitcoins for Collectors, Investors and for Fun in the UK. We source all types of physical bitcoins from the “first” bitcoins manufactured by Casascius, with their fascinating history to the bespoke and boutique design coins with limited runs. We also supply DIY coins where the creation, printing, storage and sealing of the private key is done by the user.

Some of the coins we sell are very limited (less than 25 in some instances!) and have been bought with passing on these exciting and unique opportunities to you in mind. Don’t hang around, some of these highly sought after coins disappear very fast!

Coins are often seen as bitcoin wallets too, but if you prefer something a little different we have a growing range of Cold Storage wallets that will suit virtually any need. We also have some really cool bitcoin themed goods in our store, from keyrings and wristbands, to pens, novelties and more!