Kialara Bitcoin

Gold-x-800imag2606The Kialara Original series by Max Mellenbruch have become highly prized collectables in bitcoin circles. Original artwork fusing with bitcoin producing exquisite pieces that are undeniably beautiful. Max has sought to create new and innovative ways to deliver bitcoin with limited runs of the works he produces.


These pieces do not come up for sale that often now that all of the Original Series have sold out, anytime one does appear, expect it to sell very fast!

SOLD OUT – The 2015 Kialara Original Silver (1.0BTC) Limited Edition of 250 These beautiful pieces follow on from Max’s outstanding 2014 design and incorporates a Sterling Silver mini Bitcoin at its gorgeous heart. – We’re looking for more!

IMAG1758The 2015 Kialara Labyrinth (0.1BTC), which contains a maze of Silver (or Ceramic) ball bearings.



Kialaras are sold UNFUNDED