Kialara Silver Series, 2017 – ‘To the Moon’ 100K Bar


Maker: Kialara
Series: 2017
Material: Stainless Steel with Silver coin, NWA5000 Meteorite
Denomination: 100,000 bits
Year: 2017
Mintage: 250
Country: USA



At last! They’re here! The latest creation from the studio of Max Mellenbruch.

Highly desirable, highly sought after, these do not come up for sale often. Don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of Bitcoin history AND the Moon!!
Each bar houses a piece of our actual MOON – sourced from world-famous meteorite NWA 5000.

100,000 bits‘ Limited Edition of 250 (serials 01-250)

500,000 bits‘ Limited Edition of 100 (serials 01-100)

Included in each bar:

One troy ounce of .999 fine silver (NWTM), color-filled with 24k Gold Select,

NWA 5000 lunar meteorite sample roughly 4mm x 4mm x 3mm,

Stainless Steel enclosure with mirror-finish,

Ttwo large & two small mineral glass crystals and steel retaining rings,

Public & concealed private bitcoin keys behind newly-sourced, tamper-evident holograms